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Industrial and commercial processes generate dust, fumes and mist. These particles need to be captured and filtered to provide clean air for the operator and environment. We work very closely with our customers to understand their needs and find the prefered solution that will work for their specific application and operating environment. We, at Real Dust Solutions, believe that providing a high level of service to our customers is the corner stone to our strategy. We aim to build a good reputation within the small to medium sized dust extraction business and become a key player in the industry.

Dust Filtration

Dry filtration is realised through the collection of particles through a cyclone, bag filter, or cartridge filter. It is mainly used to capture dry particles such as coal dust, wood shavings, and powders to name a few.

Filtration occurs when the particles are dragged through the system into the extraction unit through a pre-chamber or cyclone, which enables separation of coarser particles. The flow then passes through the bag filter depositing particles into a hopper at the bottom, while clean air is discharged through the filter to the atmosphere. The type of system used depends on the material, size and application.

Bag Filters

All below bags are also available in the following media

➢ Woven Fiberglass
➢ PTFE Membrane on Woven Fiberglass
➢ PTFE Membrane on Polyester


➢ Antistatic Polyester
➢ P84 Needle felt
➢ P84 Blends /Composites
➢ Nomex (Aramid)

➢ Acrylic
➢ Polypropylene


Tubular Filter Bags

Dust Collector Bag Styles

Depending on the type of collector there are several basic styles


Tubular Unsupported

Internal Dust Cake
Used primarily in Shaker or Reverse
Air Collectors.

Tubular Anti-Collapse Rings

Internal Dust Cake
Used in Reverse Air

Tubular Internal Support Cage

External Dust Cake
Used in Pulse-Jet

Envelope Internal Support Cage

Internal Dust Cake
Used in Reverse Air

Top and Bottom Configurations

There is a variety of methods for attaching filter bags to the collector at both the top and bottom. Our Bags are available with all of the following connection designs. Other configurations are available for less common equipment.



Used in Pulse Jet.

Open Corded

Used in Pulse Jet.

Used in Shaker and

Reverse Collectors.


Used in Pulse-Jet


 Double Beaded Seal

Used in Shaker and

Reverse Air Collectors.

Snap Band

Used in Shaker and

Reverse Air Collectors.

Compression Band

With disposable top.

Used in Shaker and

Reverse Collectors.


Used in Shaker

and Reverse Air Collectors.


Used in Shaker and

Reverse Air Collectors.

UMA and Dalamatic Filter Bags

DCE / Unimaster / UMA Filter Bags

High quality media for a variety of applications

Sizes Available:
➢ UMA40           9 Pockets                      400mm W x 570mm D
➢ UMA70         12 Pockets                      500mm W x 500mm D
➢ UMA100       18 Pockets                      500mm W x 500mm D
➢ UMA150       18 Pockets                      700mm W x 550mm D
➢ UMA250       29 Pockets                      700mm W x 550mm D
➢ UMA450       36 Pockets (2 x 18)        915mm W x 710mm D
➢ UMA750       48 Pockets (2 x 24)      1140mm W x 700mm D

As a standard these bags are manufactured from: Polyester Needlefelt

Dalamatic Filter Bags

High quality media for a variety of applications

Sizes Available:
➢ Length 0.7m x Width 490mm
➢ Length 1m x Width 490mm
➢ Length 1.25m x Width 490mm
➢ Length 1.5m x Width 490mm

As a standard these bags are manufactured from: Polyester Needlefelt

Cartridge Filters

Keep your dust collectors running efficiently and energy smart with high-quality cartridge filters.

We supply a wide range of replacement cartridge filters for use in nearly all major brands of dust collectors.

We offer many various configurations from round flange top, galvanized or stainless-steel inner and outer screens to open or closed top and bottom with various media options.

Should you require a custom filter to meet a specified requirement, we can design and manufacture the right filter to meet your need.

Cartridge Filters: Standard Sizes with various screen and cap options


Cages, Inserts and Edgings

Cages and inserts support the shape of dust collector bags and prevent them from collapsing. Edging protects the bags from wearing out when inserts are used.
We supply various shapes, sizes, and configurations.


Hoods are used for source collection. By placing the hood as close as possible to the dust generation point, you will improve the plants cleanliness and the operators breathing zone thereby reducing downtime and saving costs.

Flanged Hoods focuses the hoods performance and reduces the air volume required to maintain the facilities cleanliness

Tapered Hoods ease the air into the hood more gradually thereby reducing the turbulence created as air enters the duct at the back of the hood.

Conical Hoods further reduce the turbulence generated and air volume required.


The most common type of ridged air duct is constructed from galvanised steel, stainless steel or aluminium. They can be round, square or rectangular. Sheet metal ducts are the most durable type of air duct construction.

Flexible ducting is constructed with a spring steel wire helix, encapsulated in a 2-ply polymer plastic. Flexible ducts are inexpensive, lightweight and easy to install.

PVC ducting is a cost-effective alternative to metal ducting in the fume and exhaust application.

Extraction Arm

The extraction arm can cover large working areas.

It is highly flexible, simple to position and easy to extend and retract.

It is ideal for collecting dust, smoke and fumes at the source.


We are committed to our customers and therefore we also offer spare parts for your filtration systems.

Baghouses and Dust Collectors can break down and when this occurs, having a reliable source of spare parts is an important resource.

We supply most spare parts for a wide range of Baghouses and Dust Collectors

Eccentric Kits
Magnahelic Gauges
Shaker Spares

Common Units

There are four common types of dust collector systems

Refurbished & New Units including Installation

We supply, install and can re-furbish various types of bag / cartridge units. We work in tight cooperation with the customer to achieve the maximum value in terms of technology, reliability and service.

Shaker unit

Mechanical cleaning system which physically shakes the bags clean.

Pulse jet bag unit

A jet of compressed air is blown down the bags and discharges the built-up dust cake.

Pulse jet cartridge unit

Cleaning mechanism similar to pulse jet bag unit.

Static unit

Under normal circumstances has no cleaning system, however some cartridge units have manually operated brushes or paddles within the cartridge.

Additional Units and Systems

Here are some alternative units and systems we have available, please contact us for additional information and specifications.

3800 RP Dust collector
6130 Purification Unit
Fan Filter Unit
3600 Pre-filter Pocket filter
6065 Purification unit
Pharmaceutical LF Ceiling plenums
4180 LF Bench
4065 Portable LF Bench
3600 FFU Vertical mount
LF Theatre Plenum

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